Welcome Aboard!

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We are Becca and Jenni, and we are flying the plane here at See Her Soar.

This project was born at the tail end of 2020, the year that became a derogatory term (e.g. That is soooo 2020!), for the way it flipped life as we know it upside down.  After seeing gender inequity in the workplace being further exasperated by the pandemic, we knew we had to do something to help women not only maintain their critical role in our economy but protect their financial freedom.

Therefore our mission at See Her Soar became helping women ascend.  We created a figurative airplane with 365 seats available for incredible women, and what a ride it would be if we could all get together in person! 

Until then, your “ticket” entitles you to our devotion and promotion to our community on your day (or days!) where we will find out what makes you tick and celebrate what makes you unique and special.  We have no limit except for the idea we have not yet had, so please share your thoughts with us, and we promise to listen!

We honor businesses big and small, established and fledgling—we’ve intentionally kept our price points low to allow everyone who wants a ticket to participate—and the women we have featured thus far have left us in awe of what we can accomplish with this project. Check out our first group of women, Flight 01.


Please fasten your seat belt, and enjoy your flight with See Her Soar!

Becca Tieder

Flight Captain

I have spent two decades working towards creating safe spaces for all, reducing sexual violence, creating opportunities where they previously did not exist and providing solutions to complex problems. So, are we taking a big bite out of the apple? You bet and I would not want it any other way or with anyone other than Jenni navigating the course with me. I believe this community is only limited by our capacity to dream and to re-imagine what is possible if we ascend together.

I am a mama (two kids and two dogs), wife, daughter, sister and aunt. Business owner, idea architect and a cast member on the nationally syndicated podcast, Dishonorable Mention. I have lectured in nearly every corner of this nation to millions of people, achieved some of my greatest dreams and yet I believe my greatest accomplishments have yet to manifest.

Becca Tieder See Her Soar
Jenni McKay See Her Soar

Jenni McKay


I told Becca when we started this venture that I am fully comfortable letting her be the wings while I am the wind beneath them, so you will usually find me behind the scenes at See Her Soar.  I’m a graphic designer, so it’s my job to make things beautiful, and I’m also a writer, so you will see my words in our blog.

I’ve been running my graphic design business, Studio Design That, since 2007, where I specialize in developing consistent brand images for small to mid-sized businesses, including logos, corporate identity packages, and the other marketing materials a company needs to look professional and be successful, like websites, brochures, and more. 

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, mama to four incredible kiddos and four crazy cats, and in my 15 minutes of fame was a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contestant.  I love connecting people and celebrating other women!