Today is Ellen Nastir’s second flight with See Her Soar.  We fell in love with her when she flew with us in January and got to learn about her training and coaching business Innovative Team Solutions, which has one of the best metaphors for what she does for her clients: a kaleidoscope. Just as a twist of the kaleidoscope completely changes someone’s view, so do the tools that Innovative Team Solutions brings to clients’ work environment…like her newest tool, Positive Intelligence, which shows people how to twist the way they look at life.  Let’s get to know more about Ellen!

1. Tell us in a few sentences what you do. And why you do it.

The most exciting new aspect in my business is helping individuals and teams learn how to quiet their inner negative self-talk so they can reach beyond where they even think is possible. I accomplish this through a new program, Positive Intelligence, that I began during our quarantine period and became the 25th person globally to be certified. It’s been life-changing as deemed so by several of my clients which speaks to its impact in their lives — both professionally and personally. And that’s why I do what I do! It lights me up when I witness the growth of the individuals whose lives are enhanced through our coaching and training together. I’m incredibly fortunate! 


2. What is your contact info (that you want shared) please include any active social handles, websites etc.


3. Some of my favorite things…

My family and very close friends I’m fortunate to have

Babies – they’re pure magic

Traveling – can’t wait to get back to it – anywhere with my husband: cruising, back roads biking trips

Being at the beach or mountains or by a lake/stream – with a book, maybe a pina colada… a girls’ time away


4.  What helps me succeed in business…

The fact that I love what I do. It’s just not work to me. It’s my passion, my hobby, my life’s meaning and purpose. I believe (hope!) my excitement and deep desire to communicate in my voice radiates the ability for increasing joyful relationships both at home and at work.


5.  Supporting women in business is now more critical than ever. How can our community best support you?

It’s really how can I help support them and their purpose and passion to live a fulfilled life. I’m extremely blessed to be at a point in my life that I want to pay it forward in helping others with so many great women doing great work. That said, a way for me to accomplish this is by growing my speaking opportunities so always open to this! Local in the Tampa Bay area AND virtually/traveling.


6.   Your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator:

ESFJ  Although, I prefer PeopleMap, the foundational program that I adopted many years ago for the work that I do. It’s proven easier to remember and tune into other’s communication styles, which is what I like to use it for.  My style is People-Free Spirit/Leader. I’m happy to explain that more thoroughly — just ask me!  🙂


7.  Favorite Cookie:

Any Girl Scout cookie — although, frozen Thin Mints take the lead!


8.  Favorite authors:

I honestly don’t have favorites but these two stand out:  Brene Brown, Kahlil Gibran


9.    Favorite current binge watch:
Offspring – a quirky Australian series that’s just fun and different, and Imposters (they mention my hometown of Pottsville, PA!)


10. Things I do just for me:

Study and learn new areas of broadening my offerings to my clients — may not sound like it’s for me, but it is, too!  Connect with friends as that fills me up. Massage/spa day and looking forward to having one this summer, hopefully!


11.   The best place I’ve traveled is…

…on a Seabourne cruise the year before Covid. Dream vacation and most fascinating port was Berlin. Being surrounded with such historical landmarks was an amazing experience, surpassed only by the chilling Holocaust Memorial that spanned blocks in the middle of their heavily trafficked area. Chilling.


12.   Fun fact:

My first career was teaching hearing impaired children, primarily in the Birth to 3 program. I traveled from home to home and teaching both the children and their parents/care givers communication skills and best auditory practices. Once again, babies and young children! Maybe not a fun fact overall, but certainly a fun & enlightening career path for me! And, here I am back in the communication field, just in a different way.


13.   Tell us three words that describe you.

Happy   Laughing   Energized


14.   I am most proud of…

…my adult children. Being a mom is the role of my lifetime and now, being gifted the role of “Mom-mom” (grandma), my newest role, is the absolute greatest joy. I’m also proud of my marriage to my wonderful husband of 20 years. Pride in how we’ve created and built a marriage that is strong, supportive and full of love and laughter.


Ellen shared the Positive Intelligence tool with us, and my score indicates that my mind is serving me through positivity (empathy, gratitude, curiosity, joyful creativity, calm, etc.) 60% of time and sabotaging me through negativity (stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, disappointment, shame, guilt, etc.) 40% of the time.  Which sounds about right lately, because man, it’s hard to not get caught up in negativity in one way the way things have been going this past year.  Did you notice Ellen’s three words that described herself?  Happy. Laughing. Energized.  Ellen radiates positivity and warmth, and truly gets joy when she is able to make a positive change for her clients…that’s why we think she is so amazing!  Thank you for helping people (including me) to change the way we look at things, and thank you for flying with us again, Ellen!

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