The logo for Ellen Nastir’s company is a kaleidoscope, and it’s a powerful metaphor that showcases the meaning behind all she does. With one shift, one turn of a kaleidoscope, everything changes—colors, design, shapes—as does her work with teams. One shift in thought or behavior changes perspectives, actions and the story we tell ourselves.  Let’s learn more about Ellen today.

1. Tell us in a few sentences what you do. And why you do it.

I’m a Drama Disruptor who works primarily with C-suite executives and their teams, creating more positive workplaces thru professional/personal development. My work focuses on the interpersonal relationships to gain clarity and insight that creates greater momentum for working strategically as individuals, partners and teams. This approach is different as I also refer to myself as an Edutrainer, bridging together coaching, education and training with facilitating meaningful meetings.


2. What is your contact info (that you want shared) please include any active social handles, websites etc.


3. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is…
Start the coffee! I don’t even drink it all…just love the warmth of holding the cup and the start to a new day. It’s my quiet time in my cozy corner of the world, actually my favorite recliner in a colorful funky print with my tableside of various books to choose from of daily meditations, positive psychology and an upbeat assortment, journal with pen for gratitudes/successes and my phone for my mini meditations for PQ (Positive Intelligence) reps.


4. My best business advice is….
Trust yourself and keep going. Find a mentor who you admire both for their professional success and also personal way of being, a coach who will help you stretch and grow and surround yourself with people who share your values, tell you the truth, build you up rather than tear you down. Seems obvious but not always. And check in regularly to be sure you are living within your own value system. Ultimately, that will drive your happiness and well-being and success will follow.


5. My professional goal for 2021 is…
…reach more people through speaking engagements.  I’m very blessed to have lived a life full of various experiences that I have been fortunate to weave into the work I share with my clients and those I engage with. Lessons learned, resilience and growth, mindset and attitude through the lens of Positive Psychology, Positive Intelligence, Coach education, along with life’s journey. People are hungry for connection and to know they aren’t alone in their thoughts and feelings. I’m blessed to have feedback that my work resonates for them.


6. Supporting women in business is now more critical than ever. How can our community best support you?
I’d love warm introductions for Speaking engagements, conferences and/or interactive workshops that are outside (and in 😊) the Tampa Bay area for virtual ones presently. Eventually to travel. 


7. Your Astrological sign:


8. Favorite food:
Any carb around – bread, pasta, pizza!


9. Favorite podcast:
Brene’ Brown Unlocking Us


10. Favorite book:
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith and Follow My Leader – both books that had huge impact on me while growing up as a young adolescent, probly around 10 years old. Loved them both! As an adult, too many to mention!


11. Favorite pandemic binge watch:
My almost 5-month-old grandson’s daily videos! I literally watch them over and over again with as much enthusiasm as the first time!

Oh, you mean real binge shows?
Comedy – Schitts Creek, once I got into it after a few episodes!
Drama – Outlander

12. When I practice self-care I…
…sit in quiet and stillness. Or, I absorb a great book and lose myself in it. I’ve also been known to watch TV/movie and zone out a bit!


13. The place I am happiest is…
…time spent with my husband and my family (and grand dog, Tucker) and especially awaiting the time to see my grandson again soon.  I’m also happiest when I’m working and engaged in any virtual or in-person capacity.


14. People are surprised to learn I…
…opened Tampa’s first bagel shop, women-owned back in 1981 with my best friend.


15.   2020 taught me…
…how incredibly important it was for me to give back and help create positive impact in our community, however I could. Also, how content I am being home and reaffirmed my deep sense of appreciation for the health of my family/myself above all else—that never wavers, and I have always held that close to my heart. I grew up with the saying “if you have your health, you have everything” which is so very true in 2020/21 as much as ever before. Little things are just that and don’t mean much in the BIG picture. I’m very grateful and blessed with wonderful people in my life, necessities and electronics that keep me connected and the ability to continue working through this time. I breathe my work; so happy to do what I do!


Going back to Ellen’s kaleidoscope analogy, I love the idea that one simple twist can change everything, and I plan to take this idea along with ME into 2021.  What one twist could you make in your life?  I also now have a craving for bagels!

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