Fly It Forward Program

Fly It Forward Program

We’ve started noticing a very special trend here at See Her Soar, so we decided to celebrate it and give it a name: Fly It Forward.  It works similarly to the Pay It Forward concept we are all familiar with.

So what is Flying It Forward, exactly?

You have probably heard about paying it forward in the Starbucks drive-through, where someone pays for the car behind them and generally they pay for the one behind THEM, and so on.  But Flying It Forward is a much more valuable act of kindness because you are telling a woman you think she is worthy of elevation.  You can pick a specific date or the next available date, confirm this woman is comfortable being featured, and pay for her day.  We will celebrate her amazingness!  Many of our sponsored women are also continuing the trend and Flying It Forward to other women as well.


Would you like to start a Fly It Forward ripple?

Fill out the form below, and we will arrange a day to celebrate her!



Fly It Forward Application