Yesterday you met Iris Cole, and today we are introducing you to Do Good Artist, one of the inspiring social enterprises she founded. Take a look! 



Q: Tell us more about Do Good Artist.

A: Do Good Artist believes in the power of art, in all of its creative forms, to connect people and enable social change. Do Good Artist a social enterprise that strategically partners the arts with other industries (such as technology, fashion, tourism, health, etc.) in order to innovate and move the needle on social issues. Our goal is to help artists make a living doing what they love and create products and initiatives that are helping break cycles of social and economic exclusion. Our products tell compelling stories of struggles and hope, and engage our community to take action through creative, immersive, artistic and technology-based experiences. 

Q: How do you do what you do?

We create multi-sector collaborations that engage and educate artists, producers and consumers about social issues and their particular power to enact social change.  We also incubate products and initiatives that move the needle on social/environmental issues, provide unique opportunities for creatives to use their skills for good, and provide economic stability/jobs for people in social and economic exclusion. We provide niche distribution channels for Do Good Artist products and initiatives. And finally, through creative storytelling and interactive engagement, inspire our Do Good community to take action.


Q: Can you tell us about an important Do Good Artist project our community might like to learn about?

A: Do Good Artist is launching a very unique product into the market in 2021: Unseen, a virtual reality experience on human trafficking which has been in the making for the last two years. After acclaim at film festivals and conferences, the experience and facilitated dialogue will be available to organizations. I hope the experience scales quickly and that we are able to help people better identify victims and find them support and prevent trafficking by understanding the methods of force, fraud, and coercion utilized by traffickers. This is a huge global issue that has been exacerbated due to COVID-19.

We are also in development of a virtual reality experience around the complex issue of foster care.

Q: Iris, how can we help you and the Do Good Artist community?

A: I think it’s so important that women take the opportunity to get to really know one another and promote one another in spaces that make sense. The more we support one another, the faster we all rise, and the more safe and flourishing spaces we will make for more women.

I’m interested in talking with organizations (law enforcement, attorneys, EMS, hospitals, schools, non-profits, hotels, restaurants, airlines, transportation companies, companies with large supply chains, etc.) that might be interested in training their stakeholders on human trafficking. I’m also interested to connect with companies that might be interested in partnering with us to develop new products and initiatives for good!  


See Her Soar community, we invite you to reach out to if you would like to talk to Iris about Do Good Artist.  The Do Good Artist website along with all of Iris’s other projects, are listed below.