Tiffany Waddell Tate is a master in coaching professionals to learn, lead, and grow at work while being true to their authentic selves and building their personal brands.  Any woman who teaches other people how to soar is a hero to us here at See Her Soar, so welcome Tiffany!


1. Tell us in a few sentences what you do. And why you do it. 

I’m the CEO of Career Maven Consulting, a career coaching & talent development firm driven by the core mission of helping 1M women move like the CEO of their professional lives. I do this through career coaching, digital education, and talent development consulting for organizations and teams. I truly believe that if you empower a woman to unlock clarity and confidence in their career, you can change their world and the larger community as well. Whether you’re looking for a new job, trying to uplevel where you are, or activate a more inclusive workplace for all – Career Maven is here work alongside you as a partner to make it happen.

2. What is your contact info (that you want shared) please include any active social handles, websites etc.

IG: @tiffanywaddelltate / @careermavenconsulting

Twitter: @tiffanyiwaddell


3. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is?
Stretch and hit a brief meditation on the Balance app before drinking a glass of water (then coffee!)


4. My best business advice is….
…to be yourself. Don’t spend time trying to be someone else, because you’re learning and iterating in your own lane – nobody else’s. Your growth will accelerate the clearer your focus becomes, and the more comfortable you are communicating your unique value-add to the world.


5. My professional goal for 2021 is…
To enroll 100 people in my new job search group coaching program, Career Maven Academy, by the end of the year.


6. Supporting women in business is now more critical than ever. How can our community best support you?
Follow me on social media to amplify content that resonates with you, or purchase a coaching session or seat in The Resume Cure for someone in your life that would benefit from clarity & accountability with a career coach. (links available in my social media bio/website)


7. Your Astrological sign:
Virgo. I share a birthday with Beyonce.


8. Favorite donut:
Plain cake donuts! Yum.


9. Favorite podcast:
That’s a hard one… Hello7 with Rachel Rodgers, Musings with Maliquea by Maliquea Starnes, or Brene’ Brown’s! 


10. Favorite book:
The Alchemist, Paulo Coehlo


11. Favorite pandemic binge watch:
So. Many. Most recently: Bridgerton on Netflix


12. When I practice self-care I…
…turn off all devices and close my eyes, take a ride on my spin bike, or play a game and read with my daughter.


13. The place I am happiest is…
…in the company of my closest friends (even virtually!)


14. People are surprised to learn I…
…am actually an introvert. I’m pretty talkative and a lot of my work requires a good bit of sharing energy with others through coaching sessions and speaking engagements, but I draw my energy from strategically placed quiet time away from others.

15. 2020 taught me…
not one thing in this life is promised, so don’t put off anything that’s gnawing at you for the future. Begin it, or do it now.


OK, Tiffany, anyone who shares a birthday with Beyonce has to be cool!  We are so excited at how your introverted self gives so much energy to other people.  Continue to help others soar, and we will watch you soar yourself in the process!