Jenny Heying is one of those magnetic people you just can’t help but like when you meet her. Her smile lights up the room, she is fun and energetic, and she knows how to make people feel special just with a simple conversation or gesture.  These traits make a visit to her salon studio enjoyable, but her experience and skill are the main draws for sure.  I am lucky enough to personally know and get to experience the talents of hair guru Jenny, and as a super-busy mom, my all-too-rare visits to her salon are always relaxing, enjoyable, and full of conversation and laughs. I already know her and love her, and I’m excited to introduce you all to Jenny Heying today.


1. Tell us in a few sentences what you do. And why you do it.
I LOVE what I do!! I have been a colorist/hairstylist for 22 years. I specialize in foil/balayage highlighting and multidimensional haircoloring. I love cutting and texturizing hair and am always seeking out more knowledge. I use many different techniques to achieve the desired results and pride myself on really getting an understanding of what my guests need. I truly love what I do, and you really can’t help but to notice. I might just be more excited about your hair appointment than you!


2. What is your contact info (that you want shared) please include any active social handles, websites etc.

fb @beehivecolorbar

Booking Link:


3. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is…
…start the coffee and put on music through the house.


4. My best business advice is….
Never make an important decision while emotional.


5. My professional goal for 2021 is…
…to become more niche/specialized focused.


6. Supporting women in business is now more critical than ever. How can our community best support you?
I can be best supported by communicating with others and sharing ideas. Also sharing my business with others.


7. Your Astrological sign:


8. Favorite donut:


9. Favorite podcast:
Ted Talks


10. Favorite book:
Anne of Green Gables


11. Favorite pandemic binge watch:
Downton Abbey


12. When I practice self-care I…
…walk in nature by myself, affirmations, lots of water and time with friends.


13. The place I am happiest is…
The beach


14. People are surprised to learn…
I play the guitar and sing.


15. 2020 taught me…
I know nothing about anything! lol. I learned to stop and smell the roses. I also was forced to reflect deeply about many things I formerly had no time to think about. I think…. I’ve grown up 😉


During the pandemic, Jenny’s business was completely shut down for an extended period of time, and as friends we would chat about the stresses of Covid on our careers and our lives in general with young children being schooled virtually and the weight of the world on our shoulders.  See Her Soar was created exactly for people like Jenny who experienced a seemingly impossible 2020 but came out the other side with a smile on her face and a true joy to get back to doing what she loves. If anyone in the Tampa Bay area is in search of a new hair experience, Jenny is your girl!

We invite you to join our new community, See Her Soar, where we will amplify one woman and her work every day of the year. Our purpose is to curate a space to make meaningful connections and to support women, so they may be financially stable.

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