Lauren Weiner once planned to join the circus, but instead she has landed in a role that supports the Greatest Show in America: our government and in a greater sense, the country Lauren believes in. Lauren is the CEO of WWC Global, a federally-focused, woman-owned management consulting firm with a wide portfolio of clients including the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Agency for International Development. Let’s get to know more about Lauren!

1. Tell us in a few sentences what you do. And why you do it.

I am the CEO of WWC Global, a federally-focused management consulting firm. I co-founded the company with Donna Huneycutt in 2004 and today we have over 300 employees in 24 contract locations.  Our motto, “Putting Good Government into Practice,” really describes what we do and why we do it.  Many of us came out of public service before joining the firm, and this is yet another way of giving back to the country we believe in.


2. What is your contact info (that you want shared) please include any active social handles, websites etc.


3. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is…
Check my phone (email, texts, news sites) — before I even get out of bed.


4. My best business advice is….
Trust your gut.  Data is important, expert advice is critical, but nothing matters more than trusting your own gut.


5. My professional goal for 2021 is…
Scalability.  As we grow, my leadership capacity and focus needs to change.


6. Supporting women in business is now more critical than ever. How can our community best support you?
Help us find great team members for WWC Global! We are always recruiting for positions, and are always looking for people with a passion for good government.


7. Your Astrological sign:


8. Favorite donut:
Fresh donuts from the Franklin Cider Mill, right down the street from where I grew up outside of Detroit.


9. Favorite podcast:
Well, I HAVE to say my own Podcast, Winning With Connections: The WWC Podcast!


10. Favorite book:
Good to Great was a book that was seminal to our foundation as a firm, and we send it out to every new employee.


11. Favorite pandemic binge watch:
I’m way behind the times on TV shows, so right now we’re binging The Big Bang Theory.  My husband keeps asking me if I knew people like the characters in the show when I was in my Ph.D. program… 


12. When I practice self-care I…
Spend time with my extended family (pre-COVID, that is).  We’re all crazy, but time with them centers me to what is important.  I’m slowly moving my entire extended family down to Tampa, one at a time, which is really making me happy.


13. The place I am happiest is…
Northern Michigan in the summer– in the woods, next to a lake, reading a book… with my phone stowed away so nobody can reach me.


14. People are surprised to learn I…
I actually considered joining the circus for a year after I graduated college as a “gap year.”  But then I was accepted into a graduate program and that seemed a little more practical.


15. 2020 taught me…
I have a village of people all around the world who support me, and they are the true secret to my success.



WWC Global is founded on the philosophy of “Putting Good Government into Practice” and they are also committed to the military and their families, with 74 percent of staff being former military and/or military spouses. Because of this, they established In Gear Career, dedicated to supporting military spouses with career development and networking opportunities. Helping our heroes ascend is definitely earning Lauren her See Her Soar wings, and we are so honored to have you here with us today!