The Rules

We are open to all humans who identify as women. We reserve the right to choose not to partner with anyone whose work is in conflict with our purpose: serving as a conduit to help women soar, to ascend in their careers, to achieve their goal(s).

You can buy a day, a week, a month. One day a month. You decide. If it is available, it can be yours. There are no discounts for multiple days. But if you have an idea or want to propose something new, unique or different…ask. We are built on ideation and are open to growing this opportunity in collaboration. 

We may promote your business more than twice daily…the more content you provide, the more likely that is to happen. But we only guarantee two posts on our site and on at least two social channels. Our team will wear your swag (The bank you work for has branded merch? Send it our way!), we will try any product you send (artisan gelato, shampoo, herbal tea—anything legal, in compliance with our community standards and not a hazard to a team member). Your non-profit has an important event coming up? Snag a day(s) to spread the word and we will always remain open to your ideas about how to promote your day(s). 

We do not hate humans who do not identify as female, this is just our jam.

You can buy a tribute day. We cannot surprise a person, company or institution. But we will work with you to make the day meaningful and what you intended.

No purchase is required to join our community. Just a good attitude and a respect for others.

As our community grows, things may change. Opportunities may come available. We will remain open to all possibilities.


*Any companies, individuals, products or people who we learn pre- or post-promotion was not or are no longer in compliance with our mission, purpose or community standards may be removed from our site at any time and without notice. Refunds will not be given.