Standby Program

See Her Soar Standby Program

The See Her Soar Standby Program is a beautiful way to pair worthy non-profit warriors with very special angels who want to share their wings with others. It’s for women who want to help each other ascend.


Are you a woman in the non-profit world who wants to soar but may not have the budget to do so?

Give us all of your basic information on the form below, and we will reach out to learn more and prepare you a Standby Ticket so you are ready to fly at any moment. Sometimes we have last-minute days to fill as well, and we would love to give those spots to amazing non-profit women! Just like flying standby at the airport, we will need you to be ready to fly with us at a moment’s notice.


Would like to help others ascend?

Reach out to us and we will let you know which women are waiting on our Standby List so you can pick the non-profit that best resonates with your values.


Standby Program

Standby Ticket Application